Super Sleek Hair Straightening Treatment Kit

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Loose To Wavy
Smoothes, silkens, and reduces frizz for up to 25 shampoos. Tired of blowing hours on blow-outs? Frustrated by frizz and flyways? Now get smoother, silkier, shinier, more manageable in one application that takes 90 minutes or less. This easy-to-use at-home hair straightening system fortified with pure Ojon Oil (nature's golden elixir), Azurite, a semi-precious gemstone and Plant Keratin (from Wheat, Soy and Corn) gently transforms the curved structure of loose to wavy curls so hair is smoother, sleeker and supple. Formulated without formaldehyde, lye and cysteine. No gloves required. Results last for up to 25 shampoos. Kit Includes: Super Sleek Hair Straightening Treatment , Super Sleek Hair Smoothing Shampoo and Super Sleek Hair Smoothing Conditioner. Key Ingredients:
  • Azurite: This legendary "healing" semi-precious gemstone is named for its rich blue color. It is a member of the monoclinic system of crystals. Monoclinic crystals are characterized by a constant light pulsating energy. Azurite is said to eliminate negativity and exert a positive, transformation on all aspects of our well-being.
  • Plant Keratin: Keratin is the natural protein that is found in our hair, skin and fingernails. The Plant Keratin found in Super Sleek is a cocktail of potent naturally derived proteins extracted from Wheat, Soy and Corn.
  • Ojon Oil: Known as "nature's golden elixir", this now-legendary oil is rich in essential lipids similar to those in unprocessed, virgin hair. Found only in the rainforests of Central America and harvested and extracted by hand from the nuts of the fragrant Ojon tree, this amazing beauty secret has been used for centuries to restore perfect health and vitality to "hair broken by the blazing sun".