Old Spice
High Endurance Body Wash Pure Sport

Size 18.0 fl oz
Doesn't leave you feeling dry or rob you of your dignity Like wearing an armor of man scent Drop-kicks dirt, then slams odor with a folding chair Do you have hair? Do you have a body? Gentlemen, these are important questions. If the answer is yes to either or both, then let’s do business. The cleansing lather blasts away dirt and odor, and the scent settles over your body the way fog rests in a valley, letting the animals procreate without our knowledge. If for some reason you don’t have hair or a body, we are working on a body wash that’s right for you. 1-800-677-7582 Made in USA Generously lather on your body: Grab your cloth. Squeeze it out. Lather it up. Rinse off.
  • Leaves body feeling refreshed, not dry
  • Slams away dirt and odor
  • Like wearing an armor of man scent