Good Grips Bathtub Corner Shelf

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Protect your tub deck from unsightly rust rings and icky grime build-up with the OXO Good Grips Bathtub Corner Shelf. The low-profile clear Shelf is unobtrusive but offers tough protection for your tub surface and greatly expands storage capacity. The suction cup keeps the Shelf in place and prevents it from tipping forward no matter how many products you load on. Arched drainage slots prevent pooling and it's easy to pull up for routine cleaning. A convenient front slot keeps razors in place with soft, non-slip silicone coating. Keep tub corners clean and bathing products close at hand. Also great for stashing rubber duckies and bath bubbles.
Product Measures: 8.8" wide x 11.5" long x 0.8" tall/deep
• Protects tub corner from rust rings and grime build-up
• Silicone razor holder keeps razors in place
• Clear low-profile design blends with any decor
• Suction cup holds Shelf in place
• Drain slots prevent pooling wall
Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 8.75″ x 11.5″ x 0.75″.