Tot Cutlery Set for Big Kids - Pink - 3 ct

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OXO Tot Cutlery Set for Big Kids - Green A baby? No...a big kid! OXO Tot Cutlery for Big Kids is perfect for when your tot is ready to progress beyond toddler forks and spoons. The Fork, Knife and Spoon look just like grown-up utensils, but are safe and effective for your big kid. Contoured handles are shaped and sized especially for kids ages three and up, while the touchpoints on the Fork and Knife assist with comfortable, efficient cutting seriously!. Stainless steel Cutlery heads effectively capture and cut food, minimizing messes and promoting independence. Used together, the Big Kid Plate, Bowl, Cups and Cutlery will help teach them to eat and drink like grown-ups do. For best results, consult Miss Manners! Features:
  • Perfect for training and transitioning tots to the grown-up table
  • Fork and knife include soft touchpoints that assist with cutting
  • Handles are appropriately sized and shaped for big kids
  • Stainless steel Cutlery effectively captures and cuts food, promoting independence
  • Designed for dexterity of children 3 years +
  • Coordinates with OXO Tot Bowl, Plate and Cup for Big Kids
  • Includes one fork, knife and spoon