LockTop® Plastic Storage Container Starter Set, 10 Piece

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OXO ingenuity has created one of our favorite ways to keep the kitchen perfectly organized.Containers have unique lids that seal securely with one simple motion, for airtight, watertight and leak-proof food storage.Secure seals keep leftovers and other foods fresh and prevent liquids from leaking, even during transport.Clear lids make contents viewable from any angle.Plastic is BPA-free.Ten-piece set includes: one 9.3-cup container for cooked meats and vegetables; one 6.3-cup container for salads, meats and more; one 5.5-cup container for pasta, rice and grains; two 3.8-cup square containers for sandwiches and deli meats; one 3.8-cup rectangle container for lunch and leftovers; two 2.8-cup containers for sauces, soups and beans; two 1.7-cup containers for chopped fruit and snacks.Top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Includes: One 9.3-cup container, one 6.3-cup container, one 5.5-cup container, two 3.8-cup square containers, one 3.8-cup rectangle container, two 2.8-cup containers, two 1.7-cup containers
  • Material: BPA-free plastic