Women's Underwire Sports Bra

$40.19–70 $49.99–70
Black Grey White Cyber Print Kaleidoscope Odyssey Print Pink/Geo Coral/Grey Pink Marl Neon Pixel
Size 28E 28H 28DD 28FF 28F 28G 28GG 30D 30E 30DD 30G 30FF 30F 30H 30GG 32C 32G 32DD 32D 32F 32GG 32FF 32H 32E 34F 34E 34G 34C 34FF 34GG 34DD 34H 34D 36DD 36FF 36D 36E 36GG 36F 36C 36B 36H 36G 38DD 38G 38GG 38D 38H 38F 38FF 38E 40F 40FF 40GG 40DD 40D 40G 40E
The ultimate sports bra especially designed for the full busted women combines comfort, maximum support and reduces bounce by 83 percent. Wide padded straps disperse pressure on the shoulders for extra comfort. Smooth inner molded cups reduce friction and improve comfort. Underwire are wrapped in silicone and sewn between fabric layers for comfortable support. Firm underband anchors the bra to the body. Lightweight microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and breathable mesh panels keep skin cool. Rather than compressing your breasts against your rib cage like most sports bras, panache sports bra individually encapsulates each one-lifting, shaping and supporting from all sides.