Paul & Joe
Beaute Lipstick Refill, 104 Mademoiselle 1 ea

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088 Standing Ovation 104 Mademoiselle 105 First Kiss 106 Guava 107 Rose Sorbet 108 Pink Balloon 202 Pret-a-Porter 203 Petite Princess 204 Toujours Heureux 209 Mimi 210 Pamplemousse 211 Cupcake 212 Rose Sachet 213 Flower Vase 214 Pinch of Spice 215 Chai 302 Retro 303 Silk Stockings 305 La Vie En Rose 306 Avenue Montaigne 308 French Toffee 309 Picnic 310 Persimmon
Size 1 ea
Let your lips do the talking with new additions to the permanent lineup of Paul & Joe Beaute’s lustrous, fashion-forward colors. Full Coverage: This total coverage texture adds daring and dramatic color for deeply saturated, head-turning hues. Full Coverage formula contains highly pigmented powder that feels creamy and velvety while hugging the lip for intense, true color. Refill only. Find the cases at: