Petit Tresor
Proud Penelope the Peacock

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  • Sam Simon is a NYC artist and designer who has built a following by creating beautiful murals and paintings on canvas for homes and businesses. His unique and fantastic work has become a treasured part of many peoples' homes.
  • Each painting is started by hand and printed onto Earth-friendly canvas, stretched onto pine bars made from sustainable wood, and finished by hand. A myriad of magical details like flowers, leaves, and facial features fall into place. Selected art works get a layer of genuine Swarovski crystals--and who doesn't like a little bling bling? This very special process ensures that every painting is different and unique, and Sam will personally sign and number the back of each piece.
  • Though all of the pieces from the Sam Simon Collection stand beautifully on their own, they are designed to work with each other. Sam suggests grouping two, three, or more pieces together to create a uniquely composed collage.
  • Proud Penelope the Peacock measures: 18 x 18 inches