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Skin Concern Sensitivity & Redness: Instant Skin Calming Spray

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Your skin. Our Passion. We promise. Clinically tested Hypoallergenic Dermatologist approved 100% fragrance free 100% paraben free Skin Concern: Sensitivity & Redness Lightweight mist provides instant soothing relief to dehydrated skin while measurably reducing irritation on contact. With just one spray, flare-ups can be quickly calmed and skin is instantly refreshed. Clinically Proven Visible Results* 100% felt skin was soothed and more comfortable instantly. 100% saw healthier-looking skin 92% felt skin was more calm and refreshed instantly. 92% saw reduced redness instantly 85% felt less stinging instantly 92% saw a reduction in the appearance of inflammation, dryness and flakiness in 2 weeks 92% felt skin was stronger in 4 weeks *Based on a panel of women using the sensitivity & redness system. Cosmeceutical Ingredients: 4.0% MediACalm - delivers anti-irritant and soothing properties to reduce redness caused by external irritation. 3.0% 10 Min Polypeptide Algae Complex - helps reduce redness, irritation and stinging caused by environmental aggressors. 2.5% SensiCell Complex - Improves the appearance of blotchiness often caused by poor micro-circulation and helps strengthen delicate skin. 1% Portulaca Blend - calms sensitive, dry, itchy skin instantly, while helping protect skin from future environmental damage. Physicians Formula Skin Care was developed utilizing potent cosmeceutical ingredients to solve your most common skin concerns. Every product is clinically tested to deliver high performance and visible results without a prescription. Skin Concern: Sensitivity & Redness This system was developed to help soothe skin irritated by environmental triggers, or a persistent condition such as Rosacea. These products help nourish and strengthen skin with the daily care it needs, while calming visibly redness and irritation. Made in USA Use as needed to clam and soothe skin. Hold bottle 10-12 inches from affected area and spray with eyes tightly closed. Spray can be used under or over makeup and on face or body.