ZEMgear round toe low junior (black/pink)

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just-like-barefoot design encourages healthy development of kids’ feet Leading pediatricians and foot docs recommend that young children shouldn’t wear hard-soled shoes for extended periods of time—but the thought of those tiny toes going unprotected (not to mention getting filthy) can give any parent pause. Your ‘sole’ solution? These barely there booties, which allow developing feet to flex and move in their natural state, leading to lifelong foot health, natural arch strength and praise-worthy posture. (No “stand up straight!” scolding for you.) From hoofing it on hardwood to frolicking on the beach, it’s just like going bare—only better.
  • High Frequency Tech Bands across the top help to secure the foot and provide stability
  • Soft, molded rubber bottom with traction lugs provides ultimate grip
  • Stretch Lycra upper provides warmth in colder weather and breathability when it’s warm
  • Secure-top collar stretches to slip on easily but fits securely to keep out debris