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Poporcelain Mini Camellia Heart Locket Pendant Necklace

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Flowers and hearts are the most classic symbols of love and romance. This necklace features a mini heart-shape locket with a small porcelain camellia flower on top. MATERIAL Handmade porcelain camellia cabochon Gold-plated locket Gold-plated chains Handmade in Denmark. Gold- or silver-plated colour will fade over time. This is a normal result from long-term wear and contact with air. However, with careful handling they can have a longer life. Here are some care tips for you: Please avoid direct contact with water and chemical products, such as soap, perfume, hand cleaning gel, oils, make up, moisturisers, etc. Please do not wear jewellery while swimming, showering or raining. Use a soft cloth to dry them if they get wet. Please do not yank and pull chains or components. For the porcelain part, please avoid impact with hard surfaces and sharp objects as they are fragile material. Unlike plating metal, porcelain can last for an extremely long time, even hundreds of years. Please store the jewellery in a dry place such as your bedroom, and not the bathroom. We recommend storing the jewellery in its original packaging to avoid being damaged or scratched.