Poppy King
Lipstick Queen Saint

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Saint Natural
Saint Wine
Saint Red
Inspired by the allure of old-time Hollywood and the vigor of the contemporary, Poppy King has created the perfect matte lipstick brand with her electric sense of fun and glamour. Here, Lipstick Queens unite to explore their "Saint" side with a moisturizing sheer lipstick using just 10% of the pigment for a tint of color on the lips. Choose Saint Wine for a touch of a wine stain; Saint Pink, a sheer and pretty hint of ballet pink; Saint Rose, a sheer touch of rosebud; Saint Red, for just a touch of 'bee stung' red; or Saint Natural, the closest to nothing with a hint of natural lip color. Be sure to express the 'Sinner' side of your personality, too, with non-drying, long lasting and gorgeous lip color.