PL8 Canning Funnel

EXCLUSIVE ECO-FRIENDLY Canning foods can be messy, especially when making jam.Enter Progressive’s new canning funnel, which features a no-spill lip designed to fit securely over both wide-mouthed and standard jars.To help preserve a sterile canning environment, the outside of the funnel never comes into contact with the food being canned and features handy measurement markings that allow you to easily leave the right amount of air for a proper seal.Durable stainless steel interior won’t interact with foods and cleans up quickly in the dishwasher.Inspired by both culinary heritage and the needs of modern kitchens, Progressive’s new PL8 collection is designed to help cooks rediscover the joys of cooking from scratch.Combining nostalgic flair with top-shelf quality, the PL8 collection is a welcome addition to any kitchen.
  • Manufacturer: Progressive
  • Material: Stainless steel, polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 5" X 31⁄2"
  • Made in China Care & Usage Show
  • Dishwasher safe