Rachael Ray
Tangerine Pasta Bowls

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Size Set of 4
Get round and square shapes all in one collection! With Rachael Rays dinnerware collection, Round & Square, get a grip on table setting with these easy to hold and fun shapes. Each Pasta Bowl Set includes four 9-inch/34-ounce pasta bowls. The large capacity makes every day use for meals at home and entertaining friends much easier for a full bowl of delicious pasta. The unique shape of these bowls combine round traditional design with a modern and contemporary squared shape at the base the best of both worlds! Deliciously hued, these vibrantly colored pieces add energy and flair to any kitchen. Stoneware dinnerware is non-reactive to foods, beautiful and functional with excellent ability in maintaining heat to keep foods warm. Pieces are microwave safe and dishwasher safe as an additional bonus. Check out the whole collection! With Round & Square, you can entertain friends in the complete collection for a pulled together look and table setting for style and function. Rachael Ray dinnerware collections are great for both casual meals and entertaining for special occasions. Mix and match for a uniquely you style combination or collect a single, vibrant color collection either way youll look good doing it and delight your friends while youre at it! ProductCharacteristics: Pattern: Round & Square Tangerine Size/Capacity: Set of 4/34-oz. each Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe Origin: China Material: Stoneware Diameter: 9-in.