62-oz. Flirt Crystal Wine Decanter

Size 62-oz.
True wine aficionados will appreciate the elegance and beauty of this Riedel 62-oz. Flirt Crystal Wine Decanter that allows guests to experience the taste and aromas of the wine being served to the fullest. This gracefully designed wine decanter looks great at the dinner table, but it also serves a functional purpose. Use this pretty decanter to decant older vintages a few minutes prior to serving in order to eliminate any deposits and sediment that sometimes develops in wine over time, so your wine's brilliance and clarity are unaffected. Decant younger wines a few hours prior to serving in order to allow the wine to bloom by increasing its oxygenation, which will reveal its flavor, aroma and complexity. This heirloom-quality decanter is made by hand and mouth blown for the most aesthetically appealing look. It is made from 24 percent leaded crystal for superb beauty and features an architecturally pleasing look that will wow dinner guests. It features a sleek ergonomic design with an imprint at its base that you can insert your thumb inside to give you a comfortable grip as you pour. The decanter has a capacity of 62 ounces, so it can hold an entire bottle of wine. Features: Decanter allows your wine to bloom, giving it optimal flavor prior to serving your guests Crafted from 24 percent leaded crystal for remarkable beauty Ergonomic thumb imprint in the base of this decanter adds to your comfort when pouring Holds up to 62 ounces, so it can easily accommodate the contents of a full-size bottle
  • Cleaning & Care: Handwash
  • Height: 13.75-in.
  • Material: Non-Lead Crystal
  • Origin: Austria
  • Size/Capacity: 62-oz.
  • Weight: 3.75-lb.