Ultra Decanter

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It has been said that decanting is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines. Decanting an aged red wine just before it is served allows you to leave any sediment in the bottle decanting a young red wine for a couple of hours before serving gives it a chance to aerate and release its bouquet. Since it is served at a cooler temperature, a white wine should be decanted shortly before serving. With its striking modern silhouette, this lead crystal decanter from Riedel is shaped to achieve optimal results from the decanting process. The long, slender neck allows the wine to run freely down the sides, while the extra-wide flared base allows a large surface area of wine to be exposed to air. Hand blown in Austria at Riedel's family-owned glassworks, this serving piece makes a superb addition to any wine collection. 43-fl.-oz. cap., 8" high.