Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs

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Size 9" 12" 16"
Open and lock precisely using just one hand, these Rosle tongs are guaranteed for a lifetime of use. One-handed open and locking operation and the durability of 1810 stainless-steel give these Rosle locking tongs the innovative edge for ease-in-use. The patented, spring-sensitive mechanism activates with a light squeeze of the handles-point the tongs downward and press to release and open-flip up and press to lock closed. It's that simple and convenient. Lets you turn meat on a grill or food frying in a pan using just one hand. Wide scalloped edges lift and turn delicate seafood, poultry or grilled vegetables without piercing. Lift and turn thick pork chops or porterhouse steaks. 1810 stainless-steel alloy is rustproof, shockproof and resistant to pitting from household detergents. Instructions included. The single-handed use and heavy weight combination distinguishes these tongs as a high-end, lifetime tool. Dishwasher-safe. Superior in design, these heavy-gauge tongs are the result of precise metal crafting and engineering. Rosle located in the Bavarian alps of Germany is a family-owned business, designing premium professional cooking utensils since 1903.
  • One-touch operation opens and locks tongs
  • Patented, spring-tension mechanism stays locked until you press the handles
  • Heavy-gauge stainless-steel alloy is rustproof and shockproof
  • Scalloped edges handle delicate seafood, poultry or steaks
  • Open to 4 34" wide to grasp small roasts, corn on the cob or large quantities of pasta or to transfer sliced meats and vegetables onto platters
  • Hanging loop for convenient kitchen storage or outside of a grill
  • Rosle is the recipient of international design awards for their innovations in kitchen tools