Marble Dual Bin Salt Keeper

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This dual bin marble salt box keeps coarse and fine-textured salt fresh and moisture-free. Beautifully smooth marble salt keeper features dual 5-oz. compartments to keep two kinds of salt within reach for cooking, seasoning or table service. Naturally-cooling marble salt cellar with swivel lid retains freshness, keeping out moisture to prevent clumping. Perfect for sea salt and freshly-ground peppercorns to preserve texture and flavor. The dual bin salt box is ideal for frequently-used spices or herbs, such as organic sugar and cinnamon for breakfast toast, oregano and basil to season sauces and entrees or chili powder and cumin for chili and rubs. Allows spices to "breathe" for best preservation. Unique magnetic-latch lid provides easy access and closure with one hand. Striking in appearance, design and durability. No two patterns are alike. Salt cellar with wide-mouth opening accommodates salt spoon or measuring spoon. Slightly-textured interior. Hand wash. Product Features
  • Dual compartments to store coarse and fine-textured salt
  • Perfect to preserve freshness of salt and freshly-ground peppercorns
  • Ideal to store frequently-used spices or herbs: sugar and cinnamon, oregano and basil or chili powder and cumin
  • Naturally-cooling marble allows salt to "breathe", maintaining purity and freshness of spices
  • Magnetic-latch swivel lid provides single-handed access and closure, keeping spices moisture-free to prevent clumping
  • Richly-grained marble is striking in appearance on a table or countertop
  • Wide-mouth opening accommodates salt spoon or measuring spoon