In-Drawer Spice Rack with 12 Glass Spice Jars

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Size 12-jar
Save cabinet space -- easily select any spice from this kitchen drawer organizer rack. Four-tiered RSVP in-drawer spice rack keeps 12 spices organized and in clear view for easy selection. This kitchen drawer organizer is the perfect size for preservation of spices or herbs. Chrome spice rack with spice jars stores seasonings away from light, while saving cabinet space. A dozen spices are neatly tucked in a drawer. Jars include chrome-plated lids, plastic shaker inserts and self-adhering clear labels. Keeping spices visible helps monitor freshness, allowing easier rotation. Wipe clean rack. Dishwasher-safe jars.
  • Four-tier rack keeps 12 spice jars visible inside a drawer
  • Perfect preservation away from light
  • Kitchen drawer organizer allows easy selection of herbs or spices
  • Includes shaker inserts
  • Self-adhering clear labels to identify seasonings
  • Saves cabinet space
  • Visible spices are easier to monitor for freshness