Vintage Sterling Silver Carving Set

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A luxury tool reserved for serious gourmands and formal meals, the leg of lamb holder—or manche a gigot, as it's known as in France—clasps onto the leg for slicing your roast from the bone. The adjustable screws tighten the vice around the bone to secure it into place, giving the carver a good, no-mess grip. The carving knife and serving fork help pull the meat from the bone and serve to the plate. We discovered this collector's item in a charming flea market in the south of France. This sterling silver set dates back to 1838 and is decorated with intricate details on the handle, making it a premier décor or serving piece. Use it when carving leg of lamb or mutton for a luxurious presentation. When it's not in use, display the gorgeous set in its box for safekeeping. This is a paramount gift for the foodie or entertainer. Maintain the silver's beauty by buffing with silver polish to recapture its luster.
  • Includes: Leg of lamb holder, carving knife, serving fork, box and polishing cloth?
  • Dimensions: Fork: 1" x 11⁄4"; Knife: 121⁄2" x 11⁄4"; Holder: 81⁄2" x 23⁄4"
  • Material: Sterling silver