SG5 Technology Scar Treatment

Size 0.5 oz.
A patented formulation that combines multiple technologies into a product that is easy-to-use. That is why so many doctors use this product for old, raised scars, keloids, and to help prevent scar tissue from forming after surgery or injury. Clinically proven: The #1 choice of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, since 2001 to help new scars and flatten and shrink old scars Silicone to help shrink scar tissue Cortisone helps reduce the irritation often associated with scarring Vitamin E helps in the healing process by softening and moisturizing the scar Fast-drying, brush on, clear liquid Waterproof, nearly invisible Can be covered by makeup Clean affected area with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly Brush on twice daily Allow to dry for 1 minute before coming into contact with clothing Reapply if peeling Children from 2-12 years of age ask a doctor .Other Information: Store at 15° to 30° C (59° to 86° F) Keep bottle tightly closed or product will evaporate © 2012 Scarguard Labs, LLC
  • Guards against new scars forming
  • Flattens and shrinks old scars
  • Easy, brush-on, nearly invisible formula