Schott Zwiesel
Stemware Audience Full-Bodied White Wine Glasses, Set of 6

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The Audience Collection is the choice for great occasions. Whether it's a banquet, buffet, or catering event, Audience meets professional demands for the optimal serving of red wine, white wine, Bordeaux, Burgundy, water and Champagne. A flowing profile and stable proportions make the glass an aesthetic experience with outstanding suitability for daily use. By replacing the lead in traditional crystal with titanium and zirconium, Schott Zwiesel has created the strongest, clearest, most brilliant crystal glass available. Tritan Crystal retains its clarity and luster for the life of the glass. For more mature white wines we recommend the full-bodied white wine glass. This is a taller, straighter glass and will allow the wine to dispense to the rear and sides of the tongue, so you can better taste the bolder flavor. This glass is designed for rich, oaky, full-bodied whites such as Chardonnay, Bordeaux Blanc and Gewürztraminer. With reinforcement at the rim and both ends of the stem (where it meets the foot and the bowl), these glasses resist chipping, scratching and breakage. 91⁄2 oz capacity 8" tall. Dishwasher safe.
  • Includes: Set of six
  • Capacity: 91⁄2 oz.
  • Dimensions: 8" tall
  • Material: Tritan crystal