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100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, Certified Organic

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Size 2.0 oz.
Beauty Oil of the Berbers 100% Pure and Natural Certifed Organic For Dry, Mature, Aging Skin Conditions Hair Discover the ancient beauty secret of the berbers, who despite living in the direct sun of the Sahara Desert have maintained firm, youthful skin well into their aging years. Squalene-rich, pure Moroccan Argan Oil plumps skin as it prevents moisture loss. Containing twice as much vitamin E as olive oil, packed with anti-aging vitamin A, as well as anti-oxidants, eight essential fatty acids, omega 6 and rare plant sterols, Moroccan Argan Oil encourages new cell growth, balances skin's lipid layer, an decreases inflammatory conditions such as eczema. The aroma of this product is due to its unprocessed, unrefined nature, and therefore is natural. Made in USA Face and body: Gently massage drops of precious argan oil into skin, around eyes, on cuticles, etc. Use daily. Hair: Massage oil into scalp and into hair. Cover head with warm towel for thirty minutes. Shampoo out using Shea Terra Organics' Argan & Ghassool Shampoo and Spa Body Bar. Rinse Well.
  • The ancient beauty secret of the berbers Prevents moisture loss Encourages new cell growth