shu uemura
Under Base Mousse Beige

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Size 65 ml
Under base mousse is back but for limited time only - now's your chance to stock up before the iconic make-up base while you still have the chance! A weightless mousse makeup base that helps to even out the skintone and texture, reduce redness and minimize the appearance of pores. Use before makeup application to prepare the face for flawless makeup. A delightfully fresh and light for the utmost comfort on skin. This light and airy mousse makeup base is 20 times lighter in weight compares to liquid or cream type makeup bases, this allows the skin to feel as if it can breathe freely. A fine-textured mousse gently & effortlessly spreads onto the skin to create a thin even layer. Provides an excellent fit for a beautiful and lasting foundation finish. Has a "silcoat" smoothing technology for exquisite coverage. Covers skin imperfections, smoothes & evens the skin surface with a sheer veil, for an exquisite coverage with less visible pores.