Nakiri Vegetable Knife

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The Nakiri Vegetable Knife resembles a narrow cleaver and is designed specifically for the slicing and chopping of vegetables. It's blade is an ample 6-1/2 inches, a perfect length without being too unwieldy. About Shun Classic: Characterized by distinctive Damascus look pattern created by cladding 32 layers of SUS410 high carbon stainless steel over a central core of VG-10 steel- a Japanese super steel developed exclusively as a cutting steel, not used in other applications where stainless steel would be found (such as the base material for utensils or car parts etc.) Damascus look is rust-free, easy to maintain and helps to make the blade stick resistant due to the microscopic air pockets created by cladding the 33 layers of metal together. VG-10 super steel" is composed of carbon, chromium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, silicon and vanadium. Its Rockwell hardness rating of 61 ensures that it takes and holds its incredibly sharp edge longer. D shaped Pakka Wood handle provides stability and ergonomic comfort while preventing the knife's handle from twisting in the hand during use. NSF certified for restaurant use- very rare for a premium knife line to earn an NSF certification (please verify this yourself with other top quality knife lines). Made in Japan by Kai, a company with a 700 year tradition as premier blade smiths. 8 styles featuring a 10 degree angled blade (known as Alton's Angles as Chef Alton Brown of the Food Network helped design them) also part of the Shun Classic line. 10 degree handle elevation keep knuckles clear of cutting board while in use. Lifetime warranty ProductCharacteristics: Material: VG-10 Stainless Steel Blade Length: 6.5-in. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with mild soap and dry thoroughly. Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty Model No.: DM0728