Kai Pure Komachi 2 9-Piece Set By The Makers Of

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Brilliantly-conceived high-quality knife set makes it easy to choose the perfect knife for the task at hand. 9-piece set includes: 3.5 Green Paring Knife 4 Red Tomato Knife 4 Yellow Citrus Knife 6 Purple Bagel Knife/Spreader 6 Teal Multi/Utility Knife 6.5 Black Santoku Knife 8 Orange Bread Knife 8 Fuchsia Chef's Knife Clear storage block. The deceptively playful colors serve a no-nonsense purpose. Color-coding makes it easy to choose the right knife for a specific task. High-carbon stainless steel blade provides a long-lasting razor-sharp edge. Food-safe color coating is corrosion resistant and helps the knife glide through food with ease. Clear eight-slot acrylic storage canister is an attractive and safe way to store knives. Hand wash only.