Classic 7" Vegetable Cleaver

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Stainless Steel
Easily chop and slice your way through mounds of veggies with the Classic Vegetable Cleaver from Shun. This style, sometimes called a Chinese Cleaver, is used to chop larger vegetables - such as cabbage - which are a frequent part of Chinese cuisine. Blade is made with VG10 steel covered with 32 layers of SUS410/SUS431 high carbon steel, creating a beautiful Damascus clad knife. VG10 is a very strong steel which stays sharp; the Damascus pattern keeps vegetables from sticking to the blade. Ebony-black PakkaWood handle for an easy, sure grip. Blade has a curved edge, making it easy to rock back and forth as you cut. Hand wash with gentle dish soap that contains no bleach or citrus extracts, towel dry. Warning: This cleaver is designed to cut vegetables only. Although it looks very similar to Chinese-styled meat cleavers, it is not designed to chop through meat or bone. Made in Japan.