Cellumination Essence EX 1.0 fl. oz.

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Cellumination Essence EX is designed to refine and illuminate skin from the cellular level. It helps skin achieve a high level of aura-lucency by enhancing the skin’s balance of Red, Green and Blue light in just four weeks. Vision: SK-II’s vision is to up the ante for its Cellumination line up with Cellumination EX. Boosted by a new Aura-Bright Cocktail that delivers the precision of aura-bright micro-evenness of tone and texture, even at a close range of 20cm. Enhances RGB light balance. New Aura Bright Cocktail EX is enhanced by a new ingredient: Pixel-whiteTM. In addition, a joint study by P&G, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Raymond Boissy from the University of Cincinnati, unveiled that stress is responsible for accelerating skin tone unevenness and texture roughness. The cocktail works to: Helps to improve surface tone and dark spots Helps to improve glycation (hardening and yellowing of the collagen) Helps to firm the skin and smooth the surface texture Improves rate of exfoliation.