Signs Eye Mask/14 ct.

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Visibly reduces dullness and fine lines around the eyes. The eye contour is refreshed and brightened. This ultra-comforting cotton mask swiftly and effectively reduces the signs of aging and dryness around your eyes.;With just one application, appearance of fine lines is noticeably reduced, dullness of the skin under the eyes is visibly lightened and your eyes look visibly brighter. 14 count. Made in Japan.;Texture: Soft, essence-drenched cloth masks that fit the shape of the eye area.;Use to treat fine lines around the delicate eye area;Apply on dry skin, after cleansing;Place the mask with the film cover side up, with the broader end meeting the outer corner of your eye;Remove the film and leave the masks in place for at least 10-15 minutes;Gently remove the masks and press excess liquid into the area around the eye using the ring finger. Do not rinse.