Lui Pendant Light

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Size D12-1085 - PURPLE D12-1084 - BLUE D12-1083 - GOLD
Made in Italy, by Slamp for Zaneen Liven up any space with these uncomplicated yet witty pieces, they exploit folding and laser cutting to make wonderful forms. In the bathroom, the kitchen, or a dark corridor, the LUI collection adds freshness and a touch of class. They are also straightforward to fit and easy to keep clean. Pendant lights for direct ambient illumination. Made from Opalflex® an exclusive material which is recyclable and patented, used for making Slamp lamps. Luminous, opalescent and as attractive as glass, versatile and unbreakable as plastic, it is patented and produced exclusively for the interior lighting company Slamp. Opalflex® is a totally original mix of polymers and particular additives with unique properties for the emanation of light. The gradation of the colours, which is also brought about by serigraphic means, renders the lamps into luminous presences which create a specifically unmistakable atmosphere. And Cristalflex® a transparent material developed and produced by Bayer Vivak®. As brilliant as glass, light and versatile as only modern materials can be. The lamps are therefore light and have a characteristic contemporary touch. Material: Opalflex And Cristalflex Dimensions: 15.7"D X 13.8"H; 82.7" overall height Lamp Type: FLUORESCENT Bulbs: 1 X 23W 120V E26fluorescent lamp