Women's easyRidin meditation Sandal

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Green Red
Size 4.5 B(M) US 13.5 B(M) US
Based in the village of zenabwork , Ethiopia, soleRebels, produces the finest artisan-crafted footwear that use nothing but artisan-crafted & eco-sensible materials in their creation. soleRebels began as an idea : that the creation of shoes could be a platform for inspiration + hope in a land much in need of both ¿ by crafting excellent footwear creations that gave the person wearing them immense comfort and joy, and by creating great employment opportunities and giving the often ignored a chance to engage in creative endeavors. our motto at solerebels is: making the world a better place. one step at a time. and we attempt to do that, in whatever small manner, every day. from our inception we set out to re-imagine & redefine the traditional Ethiopian selate shoe, or rubber tire sole shoe, in dynamic + vibrant new fashions. employing the highly marginalized , the un-employed and those often forgotten , together we set out to create something that was authentically local but had a truly universal flavor to it . and I am proud to say we did that, and more and more and more. combining the expertise of several traditional Ethiopian artisan areas - from hand spinning + hand looming organic cotton to artisan crafted footwear - we continue to marry these arts with a unique sensibility to create very fresh footwear pieces. in the process we always strive to fulfill our simple, yet vitally important mission: deliver the finest artisan crafted footwear. so help yourself. help others. and be proud because you're really making the world a better place. one step at a time . * kiru . co-founder. soleRebel