INSTANT COOLING- Experience instant relief from the burning heat with these cooling towels. Simply soak the towel in water, wring and shake a few times, and wear it around your neck. Its unique cooling system uses the moisture from the towel to draw sweat away from your skin.SPORTS TOWELS- These cool towels can be used for a variety of sports and fitness purposes. They will help keep you cool and avoid heatstroke even during the summer. These ice towels are perfect for athletes playing outdoor sports such as golf, football, soccer, baseball, and tennis.REUSABLE MICROFIBER TOWELS- The hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material of these cold towels allow liquids to evaporate faster than ever. Its thin, lightweight and portable design makes it ideal to be used by everyone, including your pets!STAY COOL ALWAYS- These chilly towels will help you stay cool and refreshed no matter where you are. Take them with you to the beach on a sunny day, or on your next hiking trip. Use them to deal with menopausal hot flashes and even headache relief.SET OF 5 TOWELS- These cool snap towels come in a set of 5 towels so that you have enough for the entire family. Take this cooling towel set with you on your next camping trip and watch everyone light up with gratitude and admiration! Do you play a lot of sports? Spend a lot of time in the sun due to your job? Are you menopausal and tired of the hot flashes? Love summer activities but hate the excessive sweating and the constant risk of heatstroke? Then you should check out these Solofit Cooling Towels! These stay cool towels help you do exactly that, stay cool no matter where or when! They are made using extremely evaporative mesh microfiber material that absorbs the liquids and sweat on your body quicker than ever before. Plus they deliver a cooling effect to your body for hours! These microfiber towels are lightweight and portable, so you can easily find a place for them in your hiking bag. These cooling towels for neck come in a set of 5 towels so you will always have a towel at hand for your activities. Taking care of these towels is easy as they are machine-washable, and we recommend that you air-dry them. Just make sure that during use, you keep rinsing out the salty sweat water from time to time as salt tends to reduce the evaporation or cooling rate. These towels are perfect for people who routinely engage in physical activities such as working out, yoga, running, camping, trekking, hiking, cycling, backpacking, racing, golf, swimming, fishing, baseball, rugby, football, softball, soccer, tennis, boxing, hockey, cheerleading, dancing, rowing, weightlifting, etc. These yoga towels will help with heatstroke prevention and bringing down your body temperature. How to Use: 1) Soak the cooling towel into water 2) Wring out the water 3) Shake the towel a few times 4) Wear it around your neck Features: Cooling towels Microfiber towels Super soft & breathable Lightweight Fast absorption Stay cool for hours Multipack of 5 towels For sports & fitness For physically cooling relief Machine-wash & air dry Easy to use


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