Cast-Iron Oval Cocotte

$235–400 $235–571
Basil Black Cherry Graphite Grenadine Sapphire Blue Sesame
Size 3 1/4-Qt 7-Qt 8 1/2-Qt
Staub's innovative enamel coating takes cast-iron cooking to the next level with improved performance, style and durability. The oval shape, cast-iron construction and heavy lid of this oven make it ideal for roasting a chicken to tender perfection.
  • Heavyweight enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly.
  • Red, Sapphire Blue, Basil, Sesame and Graphite colors feature a multicoat enameling, which creates a glossy, vibrantly colored "majolique" finish that resembles fine ceramics.
  • Matte Black selection features multicoat enameling with low-gloss matte finish.
  • Resistant to rust, chipping and cracking, the coating requires no additional seasoning like some other cast-iron pieces.
  • Specially formulated black matte interior enamel of each piece contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a rougher surface resulting in better browning.
  • Lid knobs on Red, Sapphire Blue, Basil and Graphite pieces are made of nickel-plated brass; lid knob on Black Matte is brass, and lid knob on Sesame is bronze..
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in France.