Studio 35 Beauty Deluxe Eyelash Curler Kit

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Size 1.0ea
his product was specially designed to provide maximum curl and styling all in one kit. The professional-style curler was designed to easily create beautiful, upswept lashes. The soft rubberized grips provide comfort and control when curling lashes. The contoured design fits closely to the lash line for maximum curl. Included is a folding spoolie|comb styling tool to separate and style lashes for a finished look. Made in China 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Use comb to separate lashes before applying mascara. Steady your hand by resting elbow on a flat surface. Lift chin and look down into a mirror. Widen opening by placing fingers in loops. With eyes wide open, position eyelashes between curved, cushioned pads. Squeeze together gently but firmly for 15 to 20 seconds. For more curl, apply mascara. When dry, fluff lashes with spoolie brush and curl again. Care tip: Always wipe pads clean after each use. Replace curler pads as needed.
  • Maximum curl & styling in one kit
  • Create beautiful, upswept lashes
  • Included is a spoolie/comb styling tool