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Ceramic Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

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EXCLUSIVE We are so excited about these new hand-finished mixing bowls from Portugal created exclusively for us.Made of durable earthenware, the colorful bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe and include an array of essential sizes.Set includes five bowls:
  • Red: 91⁄2;" in diameter; 6" tall; 3.9-liter capacity
  • Green: 81⁄2;" in diameter; 51⁄2;" tall; 21⁄2-liter capacity
  • Honey: 7" in diameter; 41⁄2;" tall; 11⁄2-liter capacity
  • Blue: 6" in diameter; 4" tall; 1-liter capacity
  • Purple: 51⁄2;" in diameter; 31⁄2;" tall; 0.7-liter capacity FEATURES:
  • Material: Earthenware
  • Use: Not for use in the oven
  • Made in Portugal