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Chef Tim Love Sausage Sampler Pack, 6 lbs.

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Fort Worth, Texas, chef Tim Love is known for the bold, unique flavors of his signature urban western cuisine. Love's sophisticated take on Southwestern flavors blends cuts of wild game, poultry, fish and steak with indigenous ingredients and diverse influences from across the region. This six-pound pack of sausages contains: Eight Links of Elk Guajillo and Cheddar Sausage (Two packages) A rich, meaty combination of flavors perfect for tailgating, campfire cooking, picnics and much more. Ingredients include: elk (trim), pork shoulder, cheddar cheese, guajillo chiles (dried), sea salt, black pepper, garlic, water. Four Links of Bison Chipotle and Sage Sausage A juicy and spicy combination of flavors highlighted with just a touch of sage. Ingredients include: bison, pork shoulder, sea salt, sage, chipotle chiles (dried), toasted cumin, water. Four Links of Lamb Sausage A fresh, herbaceous blend of lamb and delicate spices such as oregano, thyme and sea salt. Ingredients include: lamb (trim), pork shoulder, sea salt, garlic, shallot, oregano, thyme, black pepper, water. Four Links of Pheasant and Herbes de Provence Sausage A light and delicate combination of fine herbs and juicy pheasant that is sure to please game enthusiasts. Ingredients include: pheasant or guinea hen (trim), pork shoulder, herbes de Provence, sea salt, red onion, red pepper flakes, black pepper, water. Four Links of Rabbit and Rattlesnake with Jalapeño Sausage This sausage for the adventurous eater combines tender rabbit with spicy rattlesnake, made spicier with the addition of jalapenos and a touch of white wine. Ingredients include: rabbit, pork, water, Chardonnay, rattlesnake, non-fat milk, jalapenos, salt, sugar, spices. Total of 24 sausages = 96 oz.