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Chef Tim Love Himalayan-Salt Tequila Shot Glasses, Set of 4

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Fort Worth, Texas, chef Tim Love is known as much for his larger-than-life personality as for his signature urban western cuisine. If our experience with the famous chef has taught us anything, it's that drinks are just as important to him as the foods they're paired with. Take these unique shot glasses designed specifically for one of Chef Love's favorite spirits—tequila. This isn't just any NaCl, it's pink Himalayan salt, and it makes the perfect companion to premium tequila. Hand-carved from a single piece of pink Himalayan salt, these shot glasses add a subtle salty note to your favorite tequila—without the table salt. Just serve with a lime wedge and drink up. Other fun ideas: Dress up mini frozen margaritas or whip up gazpacho shooters for tapas night.