Women's Terra FI 3 Sandal

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Feathers Blue Depths
Size 9 B(M) US 9 B(M) US
  • Outdoor Shoe:
    • Category: Sandals
    • Application: outer width:
  • Season:
    • season: Spring / Summer
  • Shoe Material:
    • Over material Type: cloth
    • Over material: Nylon
    • Sole Type: rubber sole
    • Sole: abrasion-proof and sturdy spider rubber outsole
  • Shoe Accessories:
    • Closing system: patented universal strapping system with adjustable Velcro-fasteners on the forefoot, arch and heel
  • Additional Information:
    • anti-bacterially equipped shoe outsole
    • patterned nylon straps with underlying neoprene padding
    • visible shoc pad at heel
    • lug treat with drip caps / preformed TPU plate to stabilise the midfoot, integrated into the convex sole
    • preformed EVA insole