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Fair Honey Nude
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Fair: Fair to Light Complexions TheBalm launches what is sure to be the next cult classic in their wildly popular timeBalm collection. New Liquid timeBalm. Boasting the vitamin-packed, rejuvenating formula that can be found in timeBalm Concealer, this new liquid edition packs a powerful punch with the addition of tea tree oil and bisabolol. Tea tree oil, a naturally purifying antibacterial, soothes blemished skin while the creamy concealer smoothes imperfections and covers redness, leaving a perfect canvas for further beautification. Ingredients include: Vitamin A to bolster the skin's elasticity while moisturizing, to protect it from environmental stresses. It also helps even out skin tone. Vitamin E to protect the face from skin-degenerating free radicals. Vitamin C to repair sun damage. Soybean Oil to boost the skin's metabolism and nourish it with amino acids. Panthenol to moisturize and nourish. Linoleic Acid and Phospholipids to help the skin repair itself. Tea Tree Oil to treat moderate acne. Bisabolol to combat inflammation and irritation. Zap zits in a flash all while keeping a flawless face with this fabulous new formula that can be worn day or night.