Tiny Love
Follow-me Fred

$22.26–22.27 $24.37–24.99
Size me Fred
Tiny Love Follow-me Fred Tiny Love Follow-me Fred is a self-rolling toy that encourages crawling and improves overall cognitive development and motor skills. Tap it a little and it will walk and bark, encouraging your baby to follow along. Turn it a little and it will walk in a circle, inviting your baby to crawl and play. Follow-me Fred has crinkly ears and a soft green tail that are fun to grab. It also has a special button on its left paw that plays a puppy tune when pressed. Why You'll Love It: This toy enhances the overall growth of baby. Age: 6 months and up Features Dimensions: 10.25in length x 5.5in width x 10in height Weight: 1.23lb Recommended Age: 1 - 2 years
  • Baby-activated electronic dog with adjustable speed control
  • Multi-directional, accordion-shaped body
  • Moves in a straight line and circular motions
  • Colorful button on the paw plays cheerful puppy sounds