4M Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

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4M Toysmith Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box 4M Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box contains everything needed to mould a tray so that kids can save their teeth for the tooth fairy. It allows kids to create their own box from the scratch then paint it, too. It contains enough material for making four unique tooth fairy keepsake boxes. Why You'll Love It: Make sure teeth are in a special place when the Tooth Fairy comes. Features Recommended Ages:5 – 15 Dimensions: 3in length x 2in width x 3in height
  • 1 molding tray
  • 2 packets of plaster powder
  • 4 pieces of foam stickers
  • 5 paint pots
  • 1 paintbrush
  • 4 lost tooth certificates
  • Detailed instructions