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Vinaroz Stainless Steel Collection 3 qt. Mixing Bowl with Silicon Base

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The Vinaroz VMB-3QT Stainless Steel Collection 3 Qt. Heavy-Weight Mixing bowl comes with a mix of features that make it a highly efficient mixing bowl, no matter what needs mixing. The stainless steel walls ensure that food doesn,t stick easily, and make washing up far simpler. Simultaneously, the silicon base ensures that even the most vigorous of electric mixers will have a hard time moving this bowl once it,s placed on the counter. To top it off, it has an extremely high heat resistance, broadening the number of foods you can safely mix.
  • 3-qt. capacity heavy weight stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Silicone base for a non-skid grip during use
  • High heat resistance allows you to mix hot foods, such as mashed potatoes, without worrying
  • Dishwasher safe design makes clean-up easy