Vincent Longo
Pencil/Crayon, Brown Orofila/Golden Moss 0.06 oz (1.62 g)

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Blue Jay Brown Orofila/Golden Moss Brown/Fawn Silk Burgundy Royal Cabaret/Urban Nights Jet Black/Brown Black Knight Spell/Carnaby Pink Lapis Lazlu Lime Forest London Glimmer/Jet Black Midnight/Smoke Mystic/Sabine Raisin Carne/Esmeralda Rich Topaz/Aura Chic Satin Plum
Crayon Brown Orofila/ Golden Moss Two unique and complementary shades of eyeliner are combined into one pencil. Use the darker shade to lines eyes and add intensity and depth. Apply the lighter shade to brighten the eyes and bring out their natural sparkle. Shades can also be combined for added drama. The smooth, smudge-resistant formula blends easily and lasts all day. Made in Italy