cloud pendant lamp

Size large, cloud-34 med., cloud-32 small, cloud-30
Design Frank Gehry, 2005 Treated polyester fleece, steel inner frame Made in Germany by Vitra The voluminous but delicate, paper-like lampshade consists in each case of several linked shell elements that can be altered simply by bulging them or pressing them in. It features a polyester fleece that has been treated several times and which looks and feels like strong, slightly fibrous paper. Pliable, tear proof and easy to clean, this material is the ideal choice for Cloud. Available in three sizes. The most celebrated architect working today, Frank Gehry has single-handedly changed conventional ideas about architecture. Recent masterpieces include the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles. Gehry's unique vision and innovative use of materials has brought him numerous honors. Through his emphasis on collaboration in the creative process, Gehry continues to transcend the boundaries of design. cloud-30: 19" dia. | 100W max cloud-32: 20.5" dia. | 100W max cloud-34: 23.5" dia. | 150W max0 Cloud lamps ship with the cloud panel shade, mounting plate and electrical cord. Lamp must be hardwired and requires bulb.