IMAK Pain Relief Mask

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Size 1.0 ea
Cooling Eye Pillow - with ergo Bead™ Pressure Pad The IMAK Eye Pillow provides cool relief without the shock feeling of ice or gel. The Eye Pillow blocks out light, spreading a gentle, soothing weight around your eyes, though the ergo Bead filling makes the Eye Pillow naturally cool, putting it in the freezer will enhance its effectiveness. Anatomic shape allows the Eye Pillow to conform to your face and eyes. Two sewn darts leave comfortable room for your eyes and lashes. An elastic strap keeps the Eye Pillow in place. Use for headaches, sinus pain, tired and puffy eyes, relaxing, resting, meditation, even for falling asleep. Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon Made of soft cotton Lycra and filled with ergo Beads Room for your eyes and lashes! Elastic strap keeps Eye Pillow in place Blocks out light Freeze for cooling relief. Comfortably cool - not icy cold Freeze in sealed freezer bag so it's ready to use when you need it! Place the Eye Pillow over your eyes, lie back, relax and enjoy the relief. Hand wash, dry flat on towel. Instructions to Use: Freeze in sealed freezer bag. Ready to use when you need it! Care Instructions Hand wash cold, air dry.
  • Soothing comfort for eye strain, migraines & headaches
  • Filled with massaging ergo Beads
  • Washable for easy care