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WallCandy Arts French Bull Cupcake Land

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WallCandy Arts French Bull Cupcake Land Sweeten family time with a charming design-your-own cupcake wall decals game your little learners will love. To create the path from start to finish, simply peel and stick the number and picture squares in any order or shape you'd like. Make your game interesting with over 50 repositionable wall decals for adding starry checkpoints, arrow shortcuts, and hearts that mean it's hugging time! This wall stickers game is removable, reusable, and won't damage walls. WallCandy Arts French Bull City Wall Decals Beep beep! Add instant energy to your nursery, playroom, or classroom walls with a booming peel and stick city. Inspire your child's imagination with colorful cars, buildings, streets, and outdoor elements for creating countless city scenes.Build one long block to span a large wall or keep this repositionable cityscape casually clustered. Remove and reuse these city wall stickers to design a totally new metropolis without damaging your walls. Buildings range in size from 6" high to 16" high. Peel and stick, removable and reusable.
  • 75" of road pieces
  • 7 clouds
  • 1 sun
  • 1 - 4"X7"helicopter
  • 7 autos, approx: 6"w X 3"h
  • 5 trees, largest is: 6"w X 10"h, smallest is: 4"w X 7"h