Starburst Wall Application

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Wallter Details Wallter - Starburst Wall Application. Wallter is a 1/2 inch deep, light in weight and comes with it's own peel away sticky back that can be mounted to almost any interior wall or door. They are primed and ready to be painted the color of your choice. You can either paint them a contrasting color before installation, or to play off the three dimensional aspect, paint them the same color as the wall after installation. This is a nice way to show the contrast between light and shadow. Just a single panel of Wallter applied to one wall can completely alter the focus of the room. Or for the more bold approach, apply to the entire wall in a repeated pattern. In just a few hours Wallter adds life to walls that can either be stunning or subtle, you decide. Specs Who: Designed and manufactured by Wallter . Materials: Wood based, primed, peel away sticker for easy application. Specs: (inches) small: .5d x 24dia large: .5d x 44dia Weight: Features: UL Listed Lamp Type: -- -