The Orange Chef Co. Cutting Board with iPad® Stand

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Whether you're browsing for recipes or catching up on the latest episode of your favorite food show, this innovative prep board is a cut above the rest. Designed for today's digital kitchen, it combines a built-in iPad stand with a blade-friendly cutting surface and a handy perimeter well to catch drippings.
  • Create a digital cutting station with a prep board featuring its own built-in iPad® stand.
  • Innovative cutting surface won't dull knives, harbor bacteria, or absorb flavors and odors.
  • Perimeter groove keeps juices on the board – ;and off the counter.
  • Nonslip feet anchor the board securely in place.
  • Made of a durable recycled wood-fiber composite approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • NSF-certified board meets the high-level hygiene standards for professional kitchens.
  • Compatible with iPad® 2 or later, iPad miniTM and iPad AirTM.
  • Cutting board does not work with the iPad® 1.
  • Designed in California and made in USA by a company famous for combining state-of-the-art quality and hands-on design with eco-friendly business practices.