Edgeware Electric Adjustable Sharpener

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This easy-to-use electric sharpener offers a full range of adjustable angle settings, so you can give a factory-quality edge to every knife in your kitchen. Simply turn the dial to sharpen to the original factory angle, or use the recommended settings for European and Asian knives. Two slots offer coarse and fine sharpening, and a third manual slot sharpens serrated knives.
  • Electric two-stage sharpener for Asian, European and serrated knives.
  • Coarse slot with diamond interlocking wheels for dull or damaged blades.
  • Fine slot with ceramic interlocking wheels for finishing the knife edge and maintaining already-sharp blades.
  • Manual serrated slot easily sharpens most standard-style serrated blades.
  • Adjustable dial with angle settings allows you to sharpen each knife to its original factory angle (from 10 to 30 degrees per side.
  • Sharpens both sides of the knife at the same time.
  • Nonslip rubber feet for safety and steadiness.
  • Includes cleaning pad for ceramic wheels.