Men's Rugged Wear Relaxed Straight-Fit Jean

$21.38–43 $22.46–43
Mediterranean Union
Size 30W x 32L 30W x 34L 30W x 30L 31W x 30L 31W x 32L 32W x 34L 32W x 30L 32W x 36L 32W x 32L 33W x 34L 33W x 32L 33W x 30L 34W x 29L 34W x 34L 34W x 32L 34W x 36L 35W x 30L 35W x 32L 35W x 34L 36W x 34L 36W x 32L 36W x 30L 36W x 29L 36W x 36L 38W x 29L 38W x 36L 38W x 32L 38W x 34L 38W x 30L 40W x 32L 40W x 34L 40W x 30L 40W x 36L 40W x 29L 42W x 30L 42W x 36L 42W x 29L 42W x 32L 42W x 34L
You're up for any challenge wearing rugged wear relaxed straight jeans. These five-pocket jeans are designed with a lower rise, comfortable u-fit crotch and relaxed fit through the hip and thigh. Their straight leg styling fits easily over boots